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The company "Motor life" was founded in 2012. The main activity of the company is development, manufacturing and implementation of highly efficient metalplacking components and lubricants on the basis of advanced technologies in the field of combating wear of the friction surfaces.

Our company's products were developed by world-class specialists in the field of tribology. Our production reduces fuel and energy costs, increase the overhaul period of the service, and improves environmental performance.

Tribology the science, the branch of physics dealing with the study and description of contact interaction of deformable bodies during their relative movement. Area of tribological research is the processes of friction, wear and lubrication. The word tribology comes from the Greek "to rub". It was first used by the British physicist David Tabor and also by Peter Jost in 1964, an expert in the field of lubrication, which paid attention to the problems associated with high friction in machinery, and introduced the new discipline called tribology.

On the photo: Leaders of the "Green tribology" project. From right to left: President of the International Council of tribology, Professor, Dr. P. Jost (Great Britain), Professor, Dr. D. N. Garkunov (Russia), Professor, Dr. G., Polzer (Germany), Professor, Dr. B. Houlihan (UK).

Our objectives:

  • To optimize the performance of mechanisms and machines
  • To minimize the maintenance costs
  • To ensure maximum purity of the environment
  • To reduce fuel and energy costs

LLC "Motor life" closely cooperates with the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, in particular with the department MT-13 which is called as materials processing technology", in the field of testing and implementation of our technologies.

Using oil-soluble complexes Valena SV, your arrangements are protected. In accordance with the insurance contract liability for harm caused by defects of goods, works and services, all existing products of LLC Motor Life are insured for a total amount of 30000000 rubles. Under this contract the insurer is the leader of Russian insurance market PJSC Rosgosstrah. This agreement will allow you to be confident that during the operation and use of our lubricant components all your units are insured and the use of "Valena SV" will not cause any harm, but also will improve the performance and extend the life of your equipment.

LLC PFC Rusma is a strategic partner of our company. The bulk of Motor Lifes production is made on the basis of production facilities of this enterprise.

All our designs are patented and successfully passed all the necessary certification.