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Additivo for the power steering

 1990  €

The Valena-SV additive is a high-tech development based on the scientific discoveries and research of honoured scientists of the Russian Federation. The Valena-SV additive is a safe and completely oil-soluble product. It helps to reduce wear, oil temperature and ensures the operation of the assembly in the wearless friction mode, and also protects parts from hydrogen wear.
Modo d’uso: Shake the package content for 30 seconds. Mix the Valena-SV oil-soluble additive with a lubricant (transmission lubricant ATF) at the rate of 200 ml per 4 liters of oil. Stir thoroughly. Pour the mixture into the oil filler hole of the mechanism.
IMPORTANT! It is necessary to reduce the amount of oil used per volume of the oil-soluble additive Valena-SV.
In the future, the addition of the oil-soluble additive Valena-SV should be performed while the next oil change.

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